Can you crossfire reference and nonreference card?


Dec 23, 2008
Just as the title states, can you crossfire reference and non-reference cards? The reason for this is because my 5850 is coming in soon (be jealous ;)), and i plan to crossfire later when they're cheaper, or i need more performance. I noticed though, the reference card would not be able to fit into my second pci express slot because the sata ports are barely in the way, but if the cooler was not as bulky (like some non reference coolers) it looks like it'd fit.

Also, another thing, would a corsair TX650 be strong enough for two? it has 52 amps on 12v rail, i can't seem to find how many amps the 5850 needs, and is it ok to use the molex to pci-e adapters? Everyone seems to say not to use them...if so why not?

Specs are 790GX board (asus m3a78-t) phenom 9950 @ 3.2ghz (probably would upgrade this before crossfire) 4gb ddr2 800


Apr 8, 2009
First Question: Yes you're fine
About PSU: Eh, I think you should be fine although I personally would prefer to have a tiny bit stronger PSU with the required amounts of PCI-E connectors NATIVELY.

Note: I think upgrading your CPU is a bigger priority than getting two cutting edge technology graphics cards atm.