Question Can you give me any advice/recommendation on this render pc build?

Jan 29, 2022
Considering how much you're spending I would probably go with faster Seagate Firecuda 530 m.2s since its only another $100 or $200. Or something like a Corsair Pro 600 XT if the heatsink would fit.

I think I can update it, yes!
I thought I can use Samsung SSD for windows and other software
Seagate for the project files I'll be working on
HDDs are mostly for storing 3d models/materials/finished projects

Thanks for the reply! What do you think about other parts of the build?
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Jan 29, 2022
"3d modeling and rendering "

Is this hobbyist level (like most people) or professional paid level?

I think you're overdoing it on the storage space.

What are your plans for a backup situation?

It's professional for sure.
I explained about storage above. I actually have External HDDs right now 5TB+4TB but I'd like to have enough storage in my build as well. I like to work with backups and I keep most of them in case I could go back, you know.

Also....128GB RAM?
Those better be some BIG models.

I currently have 32GB of ram (on a laptop though) and the software I'll be using are 3dsmax, Lumion, and hopefully Unreal Engine. Especially Lumion is a real hardware-consuming monster. The files are also big, yes.

In the link below; the High-end requirements section says 64GB and more.

Thanks for the reply btw. Any thoughts on the rest of the parts?
Jan 29, 2022
OK....just checking.

Many people say "3d" and "rendering", and assume they need an uber parts list.
When in reality, what they want to do at the hobbyist level can be done for much less $$.

You're right! This is my first time building a pc. I did my research and now I need to convince myself that all parts of this build are logical. :) Everyone has different opinions on this build, I want to listen to them all and make the best out of it.


I'm in between these 3 beauties.
The Fractal Torrent, the HZXT 510 Flow, and the Be Quiet Silent Base 802. I'm close to the first two, actually, especially to their appearances :)

I also got some recommendations about changing AMD with Intel-I9-12900KF. This one has better single-thread performance but not sure if this makes it better than 5950x.
And motherboard, someone recommended me Asus Strix B550-XE Gaming Wifi (I first chose an X570 from MSI), and then someone else recommended Asus Strix B550-F Gaming Wifi.

In short, I'm a bit confused :)