Can you guys help me with this pls?


Jan 8, 2013
i have the monitor V3D245 viewsonic i only had it for a few months then

half of the screen was darker and the orther side was lighter the support for viewsoinc said it might be the cable would it be that? i was using dvi now i just useing hdmi cable or can it be my gpu? its a GTX680 so its not that old and another question is
my monitor while surfing web the monitor display turns off but the monitor is still on the light so do you guys know whats the problem? thanks ! very much!


Oct 27, 2012
Yes it looks like you have a fault on the monitor to be honest, as said the back light behind the Lcd screen.

Just Rma it under warranty from where you bought it.

It should be valid for one year or more covering any defects.

As long as you have proof of purchase from where you bought it from, a receipt, or payment details of purchase. You should have little problem returning it and receive a new fully working one.