Can you hook a prossesor up to a laptop


Mar 26, 2012
Hello, I love gaming! im 15 i do not have any type of job to get me money and i have a laptop that plays games at 20fps WITHOUT playing anything in the background, I want it to be able to run smoothly and with Frapps running to record my gameplay. is there a way to get a new prossesor for a laptop?


Mar 25, 2012
What processor do you have at the moment?

And as 13thmonkey said, the GPU could be limiting your gaming performance too. GPUs in laptops are generally impossible to upgrade as they are soldered to the mainboard.

But processors are often (not always) removable and able to be upgraded. But putting a more powerful one in could cause your laptop to overheat, so it is risky business.

I'd get a new laptop :)
Do some research to make sure you get one that can do what you want it to do.

if you can do say 10 on a saturday, at say $10/time, it won't take long, of course they are going to want you to do it for the whole year or longer...