[SOLVED] can you identify this power cable from dell


Jul 30, 2010
I have dell optiplex 990 runing windows 10. Well I heard a pop and then yellow flashing light. The smell of chips was in the air. So I removed the power supply put in another one that doesn't fit in case but works fine hanging on for dear life. Boot up and it starts fine. Great problem solved... accept that the old power supply seemed to supply power to the DVD player via two cables. One data and the other standard usb. The new Power supply does not have the USB type power plug. I could not find it at one shop but need to know the name of the cable. Its a bit of a mystery to all who look at it. Its not a usb cable for data but smaller, a usb for power that you plug into a normal plug on power supply. eg.
Here is picture of original power plug for dvd/cd player . It is connected directly to power supply.
View: https://imgur.com/u8v4Z5V

Here is another picture of same thing.
View: https://imgur.com/g7yaxuo

This is really the best picture and the most telling, it is of the CD/DVD player that Im trying to give power to.
Data is no problem, its just USB plug to MB. But the power is more difficult.
Not the Left side is the power, the right is the Data for usb. Note that the Power usb is a little smaller. The original cable just has a Red and a black wire to it. Despite having other gold finders on the plug. I assume these are because it is only supplying power not data.
Here is picture.
View: https://imgur.com/CrcMEQX

What is this kind of plug called?

Now you might say they dont make such a strange beast, well here is an example of another that is similar.
View: https://imgur.com/Iu2arpu

And while it would work fine, the original would be ok too. Just a connector that goes from power like molex connector to this little power usb.

the two last images are of SATA data & SATA power connectors.
the very last is just both of them combined to a single interface.

most Dell, HP, Compac, etc prebuilt systems use types of proprietary connection like what your first two images appear to be.
the images are too blurry for me to really see these two in detail though.
these systems are not intended to be customized/upgraded and often do not use standard connections or sizes for components.
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Jul 30, 2010
PS for others who may need this, I found one called,
Power adapter
- 12" Serial ATA Cable with 4 Pin Power (Molex ) Adapter & 7P+6P Connector
made by Techcraft .
Thats what it says on package.