Question Can you make a recovery disc on an old computer or computer that may have malware?

Mar 14, 2019
Desktop computer over 9 years of use
Running windows 7
HP computer

no recovery disc
no windows 7 disc

I looked at the computer and in windows see the HP recovery media creation tool where you can make a recovery disc on an DVD or USB

My worry is this computer is really old, being over 9 years old, lots of software installed and uninstalled, some junkware, errors and registory problems and temp files and may have some malware. And also some malware in the past

I wondery if the advise to make a recovery disk now? Or just install Linux mint or get windows 10?As all what is going on here? Do you trust the the recovery portion of this computer?

Jack Skell

Sep 14, 2016
With HP, their disk software will burn discs that include the version of windows that came with it, and the HP software that came with it. I would burn it as soon as possible. It will not save any updates or other programs. It will be a clean install as it came from the factory

Make sure you have enough discs before you start.

When you booted off of the CD ROM, be sure to completely reformat the hard drive. It will give you that option.

Some HP computers only allow one set of disks To be made. If you call HP support they can sell you the disks that came with it. I think they charge me $15 last time several years ago.

I would consider this a better option than trying to reformat it off of the recovery partition. At this point.

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