[SOLVED] Can you overclock over 6-pin GPU max power output ?


May 2, 2013
Well. I recently blew my PSU (zalman zm500-lx) by overclocking my GPU (ASUS R7 260x OC) in radeon settings for a specific game to gain some extra lows fps. And I wonder if the slight overclock (from 1075mhz core to 1140mhz & 1250mhz to 1480mhz vram) without raising voltage or tweaking power limits and the extra power draw from it was the cause. From specs the max gpu tdp is 115w. From what i've read the pcie + 6-pin connector can provide a total of 150w of power. Could the oc pass the 150w limit and brick the PSU ? I was testing the thermal limit and stability of the OC and hit like 79 - 83c max temp on the GPU all stable in game. I heard a loud buzz from the speakers (crosstalk) and the PSU fan broke. The PC still worked fine but I had it shut down immediately. I've already ordered a new gold+ psu and I have another thread on here for that. But the actually question is. Can the OC be limited by connectors ? I plan to reapply the same OC but with a corsair rm550x. And to manage gpu temps to a 80 82 max. That is only for a specific game profile to eliminate some low fps dips.

PC specs:
CPU: fx 6300
GPU: asus r7 260x oc
Mobo: asrock 960gm vgs3 fx
Ram: 2x 4GB corsair vengeance ddr3 1600mhz cl9
Case: cooltek x2