Question Can you PC game on a Verizon Wireless Wifi Hotspot?


Dec 24, 2017
So I travel alot for work now (monday thru friday) and ive been thinking about getting a gaming laptop to have something to do after work. I just want to know if you could game on a hotspot? Also the unlimited ones are LTE until you use 15 gb then it slows down to 600 kpbs, would you use 15 gb of data in a month gaming maybe 1-2 hours for 4 days a week? If you have other ideas I would love to know. Thanks
Be very sure that limit is for tethered data. Depends on their plans some have different numbers for phone use and tethered use.

The rates vary a bit between games. You can watch the network tab of the resource monitor for while and get a idea. You need to add upload and download. You also need to be very careful which numbers you look at some are in bytes and other are in bits.

Most games use well under 1mbps but they need this upload and download. Even if you took 2mbps of data it would be under 1GB/hr. Many games like WoW are not even 1/2 that. Wow used to be run on dialup phone lines, nobody would accept the frame rates anymore but it used to not use any bandwidth.

The main thing that can mess up this plan is if the game decides to download a large patch.

It will work OK if you can get a strong signal. It can have some pretty big lag spikes if you do not have good signal levels.
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