Can you piggyback an AC 750 router at full speed from the Ethernet port of a Wireless N cable modem?


Feb 21, 2017
If you have a cable modem provided by the cable company, and it is 802.11n, can a AC750 router be used to set up a new network off the ethernet connection and run at full speed? I am running an AC receiver on my desktop, and the cable modem has built in 2.5 and 5k connections but they are limited by the wireless capability and structure of my apartment. If I were to purchase an AC 750 to set up a second wireless network piggybacking off the cable modem ethernet port, would there be enough signal in this port for the AC router to transmit it's full speed capability? My understanding is that the wifi capabilities of the modem have nothing to do with the Ethernet speed, and if I could provide a lossless connection I believe it would work. Anyone tried this, looking for feedback before spending on this possible solution.
You can use the second router as a AP. For best results you want to extend the ethernet cable and the second router as far from the main router toward your pc as possible. I suspect your speed problems are more interference from neighbors than the difference between 802.11n and 802.11ac.

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