Can you RAID two hard dives that have different speeds



I have two internal harddrives,
one is 7200 RPM and the other is 5400 RPM, can I put them both into RAID as they are different speeds?

Yes but shouldn't. You'd be out of your mind to RAID 0. RAID 1 (mirror) ehh you'll be okay'ish; see below. Granted no two drives perform 'exactly' the same.

I do a lot of RAID, and I am so picky I want the same 'batch' of the same exact drives.

In RAID you get the 'LCD' Lowest Common Denominator:
Slowest speed (performance).
Smallest size e.g. 750GB + 1TB (250GB of the 1TB is lost)
Smallest buffer

edit: Further, IMO don't mix brands, each brand has it's own error reporting; not a good idea to mix. Also, ALL consumer WD lack TLER, so I never RAID them. See ->


^ +1

"I do a lot of RAID, and I am so picky I want the same 'batch' of the same exact drives. "

I totally agree -- my most recent 8 disk RAID 6 build had to have all the same batch of Hitachi 7200 rpm 3tb drives, and I made that a specific request in my Newegg order, which they fortunately got right. :)


Yup checked that too. :) Also tested them all a bunch before using. I was very lucky to buy them before the flooding at $150 each.

It's my home media NAS with hundreds of my BluRay disks and many hundreds of my DVDs in iso image form -- easier to play on my HTPCs and protects my disks from careless family members, plus a lot easier to actually find the movie than digging through disks.

I didn't want to just use a QNAP like I do for clients, so I used an Adaptec 6805 adapter/Intel i3 2100/ASUS Z68V (all on pretty good sales), overkill but I had some extra money at the end of last year, which is rare nowadays. I have room for another adapter someday and the case has room for lots more drives if they ever get cheap again, a huge LianLi full tower I had in the closet.