Can you suggest a desktop PC?


Feb 11, 2007
I'm looking to spend about $1100. I prefer at least a wide screen of 19", a 250 GM hard drive, and upgradeable to 4 GB of memory. SLI technology would be good for games although I'm not too interested. Though I would use it mostly for gaming

It doesn't matter the brand.


May 6, 2008
Well i sure will, Glad to Help if i Can! Here are Some Good Ones,
if you are a Bit Flexible in your Price range an AlienWare System Will Serve you well,

if you like AMD there is a Cheaper one Here,

And if you Don't Care for these there is always Dell They are a Good Company, my PC is a Dell 4600 and i can play Crysis on Medium, its all about whats in it though Right, so Here are some good DELL's,
For $1,049 this is a Good one,
or For $1,299 this one is Slightly Better,

Also you can Get a Monitor with Any of these PC's or Separately At For Good Prices,

it Depends on How much you Want to Spend on it really?
here's a Few Good ones,

this one is Good but its a 22"

And Here is a Vary nice 19"

Hope this Helps?