Question can you use two power supply in one pc ?

Jan 23, 2020
Yes you can.

To turn on a second power supply you can temporary connect the green and black wires on the 24 pin connector using a jumper wire. (they are near the end of the connector 3rd and 4th pins I think) There are power issues that might occur if you do this temporary method though. If you watch youtube videos they suggest turning the pc tower on at the same time as flicking the switch on the 2nd PSU so that you dont damage anything and so that you dont get a low power warning and the GPU card failing to turn on with the rest of the PC. You may also see a paperclip being used, thats not safe but ok for temp if you are going to shield it with insulating tape.

If you are going to use them more permanently you need to link both green wires and a black wire from each 24 pin of both power supplies psu's, so that you PC case power button switches them both on and off at the same time. I've just gone through this yesterday :) , you can also buy a link cable for doing this too so its a proper connection.

Unless you know what you are doing and/or research this, it would be much safer to upgrade your PSU.

The image below is a link cable for turning on the second psu at the same time as the first, the second PSU would connect to the block with just two wires. This would isolate all 24 pins into a plastic block with no fear of grounding any of the 24 pins on the pc chassis and connect the two wires needed to turn on and off the 2nd psu with the first one.

Just remember to be safe, turn off the power, unplug cables from outlets, turn the power on the power supplies and pc with cables unplugged to drain residual charge from capacitors etc....etc ...

Be safe always!
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