Jan 19, 2021
Some days ago my private ip changed, so i had to forward the ports again, but when I started the server, my friends couldn't enter. When i checked the ports they appeared as not open. My ip is 192.168.xx.xx Yes, I am giving them the public ip, not the one I said before. The model is OVT OG3000.
The private IP you put on your server. It would be very scary if the ISP can change a fixed IP that is inside your house.

Now if they change the public IP that happens all the time. That is why DDNS sites exist.
Those are all private IP. You are in full control.

So you went into the IPv4 setting in your server PC and set a static IP to some fixed value. You are saying that value is somehow being changed by the ISP ?
Jan 24, 2021
Although this might be unlikely but its something worth looking into. Maybe his IP is changing because there is a DHCP server set up in his house? Maybe either him or someone else set up a DHCP server. Besides his computer possibly having malware or someone else going on the PC; I can't think of anything else that would change his private IP.

Manually setting the IP address on the computer should take care of it if it is a DHCP server assigning your computer a new IP address every month.
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