Question cann i use my fans on a h60 cooler

Sep 12, 2021
hi guys and gals,
might be getting a corsair h60 (2018) 120mm aio cooler soon,
the fan it comes with tends to be loud and it doesn't look the best, will I be able to use my sp120 rgb pro fans on this aio cooler as it means I get to keep my rgb set up and also it will be quieter.
tech specs
stock h60 fan;
airflow-57.2 CFM
static pressure-2.08 mm-H2O
sp120 fan;
airflow-52 CFM
static pressure-1.45 mm-H2O
my current case has decent airflow and temps are good but want to get some better temps on my cup hence the decision to get an aio cooler
case is a corsair 220t
if not what fan would be best to go onto the aio cooler, ideally black body but not too fussed and must be 120mm and have icue compatibility
many thanks :)


Retired Mod
You CAN use it, but the reduction in static pressure might also mean a reduction in cooling performance depending on where the radiator is located.

If the radiator is located on the rear exhaust fan location, then it might not be a factor as there is much less resistance to airflow through exhaust locations and in fact if you have a decent configuration when it comes to your intake fans it might even work just as well due to the assistance from the pressure differential inside the case to the outside of the case. Pressure outside the case being lower if you have sufficient intake volume might mean you get an assist from the internal pressure that wants to get OUT.

Overall the difference likely isn't majorly significant either way, but it's almost always preferable to use the fan with the higher static pressure rating whenever we're talking about a radiator, and intake fan or a fan on a heatsink cooler.

What are your full hardware specifications and what is the CPU cooler currently in use?