cannot boot as windows, guess its physical SSD probloms. need detail help!

Oct 20, 2018
hello everyone, i have an issue of booting into windows lately, windows are suddenly cannot boot with 'pnp watchdog error'. i google it and read lots of it but most post isnt fit to my probloms, i cant even boot on to windows. therefore i try to re-install new windows. i prepared bootable windows install usb as i usually do, and its even cannot enter to install menu, mantion as before, its display 'pnp watchdog error' after looong windows loading screen wait.

after i tryied, i start to think my windows 's ssd is might be a probloms. because its new to me, and i dont quite trust this ssd cause its chipper than my other ssd. so i check BIOS first, its detecting right ssd labels, BUT displaying size was 0GB(this ssd should be 256GB or similar)

next things i do is change SATA cable. i try to switch currectly functioning another ssd(i have three functioning ssd for now) and i figured out SATA cable isnt that probloms.

after all i done, i try to boot on ubuntu.
its work without any error.
i know basic things of linux, but dunno how to fix my ssd. therefore i try to check partition and i figured out my ubuntu keep failed to read/write my new ssd. its displaying some tiny part of disk(3MB) only, and i cant format or access or anything to sdb currently.

i did everything i can do.
what is your guys suggest? im quite upset because i bought this ssd just few weeks ago and i barely turned on this until yesterday ;_;


Apr 13, 2018
What do you mean by " chipper than my other ssd "?

I think one of the drives is bad.

Disable the other drives. Is the problem still there ? Disable the chipper drive, try to install windows on one of the other drives.