Cannot Boot On This Hard Drive's Windows XP Copy Anymore


Jun 16, 2006

I have a quite complicated problem and long to explain. Anyways it all started this afternoon when I wanted to modify some partitions on one on my hard drive. I have 2 hard drives with each one copy of Windows XP on both of them. I decided to format one of them using Partition Magic 8.5. After that I was finished setting up Partition MAgic, I accepted and the computer restarted and Partition Magic did what it had to do and it restarted back. But I got an error... it wouln't boot on the copy of WindowsXP that was remaining.. it gave me : NTLDR missing press CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart computer and that's what I did but it didn't solve the problem. So I tried to repair in with Windows Repair Console using BOOTCFG command... What I don't understand is the Repair Console sees the copy of windows but it cannot set it up to boot... So whatever I installed a fresh copy of WIndows XP on antoher hardrive and went on Partion Magic's Chat Support and the first solution was too set my hard drive on #1 boot priority in my BIOS but all it did is the ocmputer was allways restarting itself... The next solution was to go back in Repair Console and copy the file NTLDR from my Windows XP cd to my hard drive directory... it didn't solved it either... and the file has been correctly copied... Anyways I know there;s a solution to this problem!! I didn;t even touched this hardrive with Partition Magic so its intact! not a file has been deleted....
From the sounds of it, you hosed NTLDR on your primary hard drive when you formatted it. Repair Windows without using the repair console; in other words, don't repair at the first prompt, do it the second time.