Question Cannot boot with 4 sticks


Ok, to specify, I can barely boot with 2 sticks.

But here it goes.

I used to have 16GB of RAM (2x8GB) but one stick died.

I have now gotten a hold of a new kit that is 4x4GB.

I can only boot two sticks in A2 and B2 after I first boot with one stick in A2 then add the second stick.

I cannot boot with 3 or 4 sticks.


Q: Have you tried each stick separately to see if they all work?
A: yes, and they do.

Q: have you done a CMOS reset?
A: yes, did that before swapping out for the new kit.

Q: have you tried each slot with a single stick and tried A1+B1 or any other combo with a second stick to see if any of the slots are bad?
A: yes, yes, and yes, but unfortunatelythe system won't have it if I try to use any other slot that A2 with a single stick or any other combo besides A2+B2 after first doing the trick mentioned above so I can't properly determine if there's a bad slot.

So any help at this point is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Specs of the system?
Did you check cpu socket for bent pins?
complete system hardware is in my signature.
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Here's the two links for your extra convenience.

Obviously disregard the RAM since that's what I'm moving on from.
Current RAM I'm trying to use is this.

I don't know why PCPP says it's latency 15 when the sticker says 16 LOL
But it's what pops up in PCPP when I type in the model number

And my CPU shouldn't have any bent pins. I checked that when I first built the system a couple years ago.
And to take out my cooler and my CPU to do this would be quite the hassle and I'd like to leave doing such a thing as a last resort.
I do have thermal paste so repasting isn't a problem, just that it's a pain in the butt to take that all apart only to have it not be an issue.

Before I go doing that, let's first assume that the CPU and the socket and the CPU's contact with it's pads to the pins isn't the issue, what else would you tell me to look at doing?


welp. thanks for trying, I appreciate it.

Nothing was wrong with my pins until I took off the cooler and took out the CPU.
Then I dropped the mini LED flash light I was using to get a good look at the pins and now there are bent pins.

Just my effing luck. I'm gonna have such a hard time finding a replacement Z170 that is $60 or less since that's all I can afford.
But I guess I can just tell myself that the issue was with the the RAM slots to begin with to eventually over time convince myself that I needed a new board anyways.

Take care.


Yeah, I already knew about that and tried to no avail.

I'm getting this cheaper z170 from MSI from a dude online for $40.

He was willing to sell for less.

Not nearly as robust as my now defunct Pro Gaming, but it'll do. (Assuming it 100% works and they're just selling cuz they upgraded)