Question Cannot configure optical audio device to output 5.1 surround on windows 10.


Feb 18, 2014
Hello, first off I am not sure if this was the correct thread to ask this question so forgive me if I am wrong in posting this here. Anyway, I was recently given a 5.1 channel Vizio sound bar system and will be using it as my computer speakers, I ran an optical audio cable from the soundbar to my rear computers rear panel optical audio output. I get audio from the sound bar which produces the Left, Center, and Right channels, and the subwoofer works fine. The issue I have is that the two rear surround speakers do not produce any audio, I am 100% certain that this is not an issue with the sound bar system as the system has a self-check feature that plays a test sound on each separate channel to help ensure that you have setup the system properly. I seem to have boiled the issue down to the sound settings on my computer, with certain audio devices on my computer I am able to configure the amount of channels they produce see photos 1 & 2, however with my optical audio output the "configure" button is greyed out and I cannot seem to figure out how to fix this see photo 3. If anyone out there as any insight on how to fix this problem your help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks! 1 - View:
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