Question Cannot connect to internet after power surge

Jun 20, 2022
After a power surge, I am unable to connect to the internet at all through either Ethernet or WiFi. I have bought a PCI to Ethernet adapter because I assumed the Ethernet port on my motherboard had been damaged, but I get the same issue with the adapter. Internet works fine with all other devices, so the modem/router is not the problem and the Ethernet cables work fine with other devices as well. I’m not sure what to do, as I’ve tried quite a few fixes from the internet with no success
On the new ethernet what does it show the status is if you do IPCONFIG /all.

If you have a IP address it means your router is talking to the pc. You should be able to ping the router IP. Note if you get 169.x.x.x IP those are fake ones generated by the pc itself

If it says disconnected or you do not see the ethernet adapter I would check you may have been "helpful" again and updated drivers.