Cannot Connect to Internet no matter what i do!


Apr 6, 2012
Hey guys! so recently ive hit a problem with my Wireless USB card for my PC.Its 802.11n and good-when it works-well anyways the problem is i cannot connect to my router.whenever i try to connect it shows green connection thingy but the Windows connection symbol is either endlessly connecting or has the yellow exclamation point.when ever i do the automatic troubleshooter it says i must verify the wep key and when i "show characters" the already entered in WEP key is totally different from my WEP key so i enter in my key and ill check it 5 min later and its back to the old key that is not mine?
Ill list all of the trouble shooting steps ive taken so you dont tell me to do something ive done

-Restart router
-reboot pc
-unplug wireless card
-re install software
-disable and re enable my wireless device
-tried to update drivers
-smashed my monitor with a hammer


Sep 4, 2012
Go to manage wireless connections or whatever your version of Windows calls it. Delete the connection. Refresh your wireless detection thingy and when prompted enter the correct WEP key. I don't know how your key got changed, but I run into similar issues regularly.

The one important thing missing from your list of "have dones" is you've been into the router's settings and changed the WEP key, preferably to a higher level - WPA or WPA2. It's worth doing because it makes the system harder to hack when you do get it working properly and it gives the PC a chance to ovewrite whatever it stored with a totally different key and key type. Then if jimmybgood's excellent suggestion sorts things out, it has the two added benefits.

If it doesn't work, maybe uninstalling the wireless adapter then restarting to allow it to start afresh with no pre-stored data will do the trick.