Question Cannot Display This Video Mode

Sep 2, 2019
So whenever I start my computer I get a black screen with an error message on my monitor saying "Cannot Display This Video Mode Optimum resolution 1680x1050 60Hz"
until it gets to the Windows Error Recovery screen which is visible (though there are two vertical bars of distorted color on the screen), and then depending on what option I select sometimes a few more things load like a "loading windows files" bar, maybe the windows icon, but then after that it either goes back to "Cannot Display This Video Mode" or a completely black screen. I've tried testing to see if maybe the computer continues working but I just can't see it, and as far as I can tell it isn't. I've already tried the normal suggestion for that error which is to start in low resolution mode then update the drivers from there. But trying low resolution mode just gives the same errors that starting any other way does, and nothing ever seems to work.

Other information: This started when I was playing a game (Rimworld in case you want to know) which in the past would sometimes cause my screen to suddenly turn black for a few seconds, then load back up on the desktop with a message saying the display drivers had crashed. Normally I'm able to continue using my computer just fine from there. I think the game even kept running. A week ago though, rather than go black, the screen was covered in vertical bars of various colors like black, green, light green. After several seconds it wasn't fixing itself so I tried alt-tabbing which did nothing. It didn't even stop the music, which it should have if it was a purely visual error as the game wouldn't play music when alt-tabbed. So I decided to shut down my computer and start again, causing the first instance of the error above.

Currently my only idea for how to update the graphics drivers when low resolution mode doesn't work is to try installing Windows 10 or reinstalling Windows 7. However I've tried a Windows 7 boot disc and flash drive and neither did anything. A Windows 10 boot drive worked, but it can't update from Windows 7 so I'd have to do a separate installation of Windows 10 and risk losing everything on the computer, to do something which might not work.