Question "Cannot download the patch client

Mar 10, 2021
I'm trying to patch the game client and the message I get is "Cannot download the patch client, restart the launcher with a stable internet connection or use the scanfiles function" my internet connection is great. ran speed test to check
I've tried everything to fix this. I really hope you can provide me with an answer/solution to my problem. I use my computer for everything. mainly email, researching things, and gaming. My internet provider is Spectrum. I usually have no problems and very good speed (downloading and uploading) However, I play a game called Black Desert Online, and the ownership of that game just changed hands - which required me to download a new laucher and patch the game client. I was able to download the new launcher (no problem) after running the launcher, it starts to patch the client and abruptly stops right away with the message "can't download client patch" check your internet connection. I have done everything i can think of (flush my DNS, IP reset, Winsock Reset, delete cookies) but nothing works. I have put a ticket in with Pearl Abyss - but that was 2 wks ago and I have had no reply except that they rec'd my support ticket. I have played this game for years and hope to get this problem resolved especially since they are giving away great gifts right now. I have been trying to resolve this issue for 2 weeks. Do you have any idea of how I can get this resolved? I have 2 boxes on my desktop from Spectrum. A modem and a router. Someone suggested maybe I could somehow bypass and plug directely into my computer and then download - i'm only a little tech savvy and when it comes to routers/modems - i know literally nothing and am a little squeemish about touching them for fear of messing something up. I really hope someone can help me figure this out as no one else seems to be able to.


If everything else is working then do not tinker around with the modem, the router, or anything else for that matter.

The problem is very likely on Black Desert's/Pearl Abyss's end.

Most likely thousands of customers trying to patch the game plus the new owner's trying to manage some transition process that may be, for any number of reasons, problematic.

Keep an eye on the applicable website, Forums, FAQ's.

It may be awhile until whatever problems they are having get sorted out or otherwise resolved.

Plus, if you start tinkering then more problems could arise and it will be all the more difficult to figure out what has gone wrong.

Be patient, find another game or two to play.

And do not fret about missing out on "great gifts".

Pearl Abyss (or whomever is in charge) may continue or extend those gift opportunities especially as a means of "apology" if too many customers start leaving.
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