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Question Cannot duplicate or extend notebook display


Dec 27, 2013
Hello there.

Straight to the point:

I have Dell G3 gaming notebook Windows 10 @geforce 1660 Ti Max-Q latest drivers provided by GeForce experience and I want to connect external display.
Notebook got only HDMI and USB/USB-C outputs and has 1920x1080 max resolution.
External display has only VGA DVI and DisplayPort holes and has 1920x1200 resolution.

I am running HDMI to DisplayPort cable, but duplicatnig, extending or activating external display does not work. When I connect external display and press duplicate/extend, diode icon on external display lights and then goes off, so connection seems to be ok. I do not see external display in the display settings on my notebook.

Both duplicating notebook to any 1920x1080 (2 I have access to) or connecting external 1920x1200 display to PC works, but they do not work together.

What can I be doing wrong or what can I do to connect notebook to this external display? This needs to be done in my work kind of "illegally" since its personal notebook, so company IT support will not help me or provide different display.

Thank you very much in advance. Hope I gave all technical information needed.