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Question Cannot enter/see BIOS setup in any way


Feb 28, 2016
Problem: I can't enter the BIOS setup - the screen is just blank. Windows 10 boots fine. I need to set things that can't be set elsewhere than in BIOS like Virtualization.

HW: Ryzen 9 3900X (so no integrated GPU), mobo Asus x570-p with latest BIOS 1407, GPU Sapphire RX 580 8GB, TV Samsung NU8000 via HDMI

Tried: spamming f2/del, disabling Fast boot, different HDMI cables, BIOS update, a PC monitor via HDMI and DVI, clearing CMOS, entering BIOS via Windows 10 Advanced boot (or Advanced recovery, I don't remember), moving the GPU to the other PCI-X slot.

I’m almost sure the bios setup is actually entered and active , just not seen on screen.

Weird: I DID manage to enter BIOS setup like once or twice after I've built the PC. Not since. The most I am able to see is the Asus logo with "Press F2 or Del to enter setup" OR, after clearing CMOS, the AMI BIOS post screen which says "the vga card is not supported by uefi driver".

Any ideas besides a different GPU which is very tricky right now? Thanks!
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