Question Cannot find printer on network.


Jan 20, 2015
Not sure if this is the place to ask but I'm out of ideas...

I was in the middle of using my printer and my wifi disconnected for a few minutes. It turned back on and immediately after my printer became unresponsive and just put files in the print queue forever, despite both the computer and printer definitely being connected to the same network. I have since restarted my computer and the printer, reset the internet connection, deleted the printer information from my computer and reset all the printer settings before trying to reconnect.
The printer is now connected to the network as it can print the network settings manually and so is my laptop and PC but now the printer does not appear at all when I scan for it. I cannot troubleshoot it from windows as it needs to be visable first and I cannot find any solution on any troubleshooting guide that I have not already tried so far.

Would really appreciate if anyone has any suggestions for a fix. If it helps, the model is a Canon Pixma TS9160