Question Cannot format 4TB hard drive

Nov 16, 2021
I purchased a 4TB hard drive for my system. It appeared in disk management, and was able to format and use a 2TB partition perfectly fine.

I then converted the drive to GPT, so that I can use all 4TB, and was able to create a RAW 4TB partition.
I tried formatting the drive several times, both with quick and normal formatting, but I got an error saying windows was unable to format the drive.

The drive then stopped showing up in disk management and is no longer showing in the BIOS. I tried different sata cables and ports, resetting the cmos battery, using third-party tools, and trying the drive in another system, but it will not appear in the BIOS or Windows.
When plugged in, the drive will spin up and get warm.

The drive is a 3.5" WD Black 4TB drive