Question Cannot install any OS onto 3200g/Deskmini

Jul 13, 2019
I wanted to build a small and cheap server, so I went with a Ryzen 3200g and a Deskmini from Asrock.

I used a salvaged SSD from a previous build that had Windows 10 on it, but since I wanted to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows, I completely formatted the drive. Before the format, I was able to run the Windows 10 on that SSD fine (and even on the same computer as I forgot to change boot order), and did not know there would be problems.

When I installed Ubuntu and Windows, everything seemed to run fine on their respective first boots. Starting on the second boot, I was not able get past grub on Ubuntu (frozen purple screen), and was not able to get into Windows (frozen black screen).

Now, I can't even get live-USBs to work for both Ubuntu or Windows; the former gets stuck at grub and the latter doesn't boot at all (black screen).

I can't seem to find anything wrong with my PC. I've reset BIOS, cleared CMOS, and reformatted my hard drive a bunch of times.

I have a feeling the problem might be graphics related, but the BIOS and grub menu on Ubuntu show up fine (nomodeset doesn't work).