Question Cannot install drivers, any suggestions?


Nov 9, 2015
i have this problem


Updated and installed all the drivers via windows, tried intel chipset from the official site, all the drivers from the mbo support site. Even installed Intel Driver and Support Assistant...
it says "all up to date" :(
Any suggestions pls

Thanks in advance!
Install intel inf chipset drivers.

Note - there are multiple downloads in chipset section.
You need to install latest
Intel Management Engine Interface,​
Intel serial IO,​
Intel GNA Scoring Accelerator module,​
Intel Chipset Installation Utility.​

Also go into BIOS and set sata controller to AHCI mode.
Disable Intel RST.
Raid controller entry should disappear from Device Manager.

If you want to use RAID, then you have to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.
But I'd advise against that (unless you have a very specific need to use RAID).
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