Cannot install this hardware because wizard cannot find necessary software


May 7, 2012
'm trying to install the printer from hp - model PSC1315 it worked in the past but i uninstalled them as those were not required . now 'm intending to reuse it by re installing so that i could meet my Academic deadline . i've lot many scans to perform to get the data on my computer . but whenever i try to install
> "Welcome to found new Hardware wizard" pops up
> i click on 'NEXT" with "install the software automatically( recommended)
> it says "can not install this hardware
wizard cannot find the necessary software " and finish tab highlights "
> the printer installation window though, recognizes the model and in Device manager too printer entry is found ( in USB as well) but " there are yellow exclamation mark appear under the "Other Devices" .. i tried updating the drive but then same window appears giving me the same message

What Did I do >>>

> i Uninstalled with the HP claeanup and Uninstaller
> downloaded software
Ran it and same issue reoccurs

. have done it many times now

please help in solving this problem or else i won't be able to submit my report that is just a week ahead.

since i bought a used computer with my hard earned money ..'m left with nothing to spend on a new All in one Printer .

any help will be remembered lifelong and i 'll highly be obliged for your benevolence .


Nov 15, 2009

1 - Use the Microsoft Fixit to cleanup install / uninstall errors.

2 - Delete the "other Devices" errors in device manager.

3 - Reinstall the printer.

Alick Burt

Mar 15, 2013

Hi Joseph
I am curious as to if you found a solution to this because I am having a similar problem with my kodak printer and other devices that i have been trying to install.luckily I was able to try my printer on a friends pc and have worked out that my pc is the problem.a tech guy i asked for help said the prob is with my usb ports but they work fine for my dongle so I am skeptical.I have had the problem for 8 months now and am running short of answers short of buying a new pc!
Many Thanks

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