Question Cannot move desktop icons, cannot interact with certain programs, Google chrome bugging out..


Jan 16, 2018
Hello toms hardware,..
I've ran into an issue as of late which involves my PC starting up a bit weird.. But isn't noticeable until I get onto the desktop screen.
When I am on my desktop, sometimes I cannot click anything until I CTRL + ALT + DEL, and even then, after this I am still unable to move any desktop icons...
I first noticed this problem which leads to a bigger bug that is happening.. In google chrome. In chrome when I click a folder, it wants to open ALL of the contents (Ex: a folder that has 21 links/bookmarks: I click the folder and it says "Are you sure you want to open 21 tabs?").. So I cannot view in the folders contents... Not only this, but if I click on a tab on the top it closes it, and if I click the refresh button on chrome it creates a copy of the page im on.. I also, sometimes cannot access the search bar... Just overall buggy/glitchy...
I also, cannot click inside of certain programs (typically that are not full screen on my desktop).. This includes programs like malwarebytes, other antivirus software, and even gaming programs like the client and Runelite.. I am unable to click on things pertaining to these clients to interact with them... All I can do is tab around to navigate them, which makes simple virus scans a hard task to do...
I've uninstalled multiple programs, scanned NUMEROUS amounts of times on various antivirus and antimalware programs, I've used CCleaner multitudes of times, used ADW cleaner, as well as cleared Chromes cache/ and reset its SYNC, MANY times...
It is important to note, the bug does ON OCCASSION go away, if I hard shutdown my computer and reboot... in which case, my computer will turn on with a black screen when I log in and slowly bootup.. at which point I can usually move my dekstop icons, and interact with my PC normally... however, I have tried and tried again, but cannot rid myself of the bugs permanently..
Please if there is anything ANYONE can do to help, I really am out of options...
Any help is appreciated, thanks..