Cannot overclock after adding 2GB of ram!


Oct 3, 2008
ok, so i bought an extra 2gb of ram and it came today.
Naturally, I put it in the last 2 slots on my motherboard and booted up...
The pc rebooted (in the same way that it does when I overclock too much)
It restarted and i entered the bios to set it back up again only to find that it would not boot at the settings I had previously used ( fsb 450 x8 with the cpu voltage at about 1.3) meaning a 3.6 ghz overclock
I know it must be something to do with the ram being overclocked with the fsb ratio ( 2:2 )

I am using a gigabyte Ga-p35-S3G motherboard
e8200 dual core processor stock = 2.6 ghz
4x 1gb sticks of ocz pc6400 800 mhz ram. (I originally had 2)

I am currently stable on 3.2 ghz because it does not require any ram overclocking or cpu overvoltage ( even with the 4x1gb sticks of ram)

Any ideas what I should do to get back to my original overclock?
thanks in advance


May 1, 2008
what is your DDR2 voltage set at? Most motherboards default to 1.8v, which for my RAM was undervolting the stock specs by -0.4v (sold at 4-4-4-12@2.2v). Find out what your RAM is rated to, and bump up your DDR voltage to match it.

You might also try bumping your FSB voltage +0.1v to account for all extra resistance from the extra RAM.





May 9, 2007
Check out this article:,1781-26.html

Apparently a lot of boards have difficulty OCing when you use 4 sticks of ram. In some cases (like the MSI board) they aren't even stable with 4 sticks at stock. Granted, the article is about the x48s but u'll notice that the comparison was prompted by a lot of peeps who were having trouble using 4 sticks with various boards.

My suggestion would be to try loosening the ram timings and see if that helps. Also, check the ram's spd stats in cpu-z for an idea of looser timings.