Cannot update motherboard drivers?


May 29, 2008
Motherboard - GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 (

Rest of computer: | i5 2500k | Gigabyte 7850 2GB | 8GB G.SKILL DDR3 | GIGABYTE GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 | Samsung 840 Pro 128gb SSD | Samsung F3R 1 TB HDD | Antec 902

So I have had a boatload of issues lately, mainly being unable to game due to the fact I get a black screen, buzzing sound, and complete system freeze 5 minutes into gaming which I have to manual reboot to fix. Attempting everything I know (extremely limited) in order to figure out how to fix this. First things first trying to update all drivers for virtually everything on my PC.

I downloaded drivers from this site:

When I went to install some of them like the audio, they worked, but for a lot of them they said the "system does not meet the minimum requirements". Now I may be stupid when it comes to computers, but I think I can find the right drivers for my motherboard by punching which one it is into the website, so not sure how they do not meet requirements or aren't compatible? Anyone know of any other way I can finish updating all drivers and see if this fixes my problem. Much appreciation! Thanks in advance. . .