Question Cannot update Nvidia Driver.


Dec 1, 2015
So i have an Asus K555L laptop with nvidia geforce 820m 2 gb. Driver version 376.54. With windows 8.1 64-bit.
I recently tried to update the driver but couldnt do it. I tried through geforce experience but it says that the drivers are up to date. Then i tried through the windows device manager but it says the same.
Then i manually downloaded the latest driver for my graphic card(driver version 425.31) but its not working either. The installer gives a message that, "This Nvidia graphic driver is not compatible with this version of windows. This graphic driver could not find compatible hardware."
I went looking online for a solution and came across the DDU(device driver uninstaller) software. I tried doing clean unistallation but still the driver didnt install.
I now tried installing Nvidia driver version 359.00(it came with the laptop) and it worked. Then i tried updating it through geforce experience again but to no avail. But i was able to update it through device manager to version 376.54(back to where i started).
I cannot figure out what to do. If someone can help it would be much appreciated.

Phillip Corcoran

The hardware in your laptop is custom-made for Asus so only they (Asus) have compatible drivers for it. Don't get them from the device manufacturer, and don't compare version numbers between those from Asus and those from the device manufacture because that is just misleading.

Only Asus have the latest, compatible drivers for your laptop. That's why you get the "not compatible" error when you try to install the driver from the GeForce/Nvidia website.

"I cannot figure out what to do"

That's easy - - - Stay away from the Geforce/Nvidia website. Use only the drivers on the Asus website!
Drivers on the Geforce/Nvidia website are intended for retail graphics cards fitted by home upgraders & system builders.
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I'm guessing you currently have some sort of OEM/DCH driver currently installed; you can't install a standard driver over those types of drivers.

Unless you're being prompted to update by another application, you may not need to update just for the sake of updating. But! If you do need to update, you can try uninstalling the current driver first, or re-run the installer for the driver you already downloaded and select "Custom (Advanced)," then check the box for "Perform a clean installation," then Next/Install.