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Greetings Jay,

Which "Messenger" are you using? If you're using MSN Messenger 6.x, there are actually two
different video functions within it. The first, the "Webcam" function, which is tested by
the "Web Camera Settings" dialog, basically supports actual "Webcam"s only. It does not
support DV/firewire cameras, digital cameras, or video card inputs like the All-In-Wonder.
The second, the "Video Conference" function is tested by the Audio/Video Tuning Wizard,
supports most devices including DV cameras and video card inputs and uses the same
functionality as Windows Messenger.

The Video Conference and Audio/Video Tuning Wizard will only be available on Windows XP (and
both you and your contact must be using Windows XP in order for it to work). Assuming both
of you are using Windows XP, try using the Video Conference feature instead, by clicking the
Actions menu within a conversation window and choosing 'Start Video Conference'.
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"jay" <jay@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in message
> can I use Canon A75 digital camera as web cam in Messenger, I tried
> unsuccessfully