Canon mx330 will not scan to vista pc

@Wolfbuddy: Sometimes the drivers may be found in country of location of the hardware MFG, and the 1st link I gave you was Canon Europe, I believe, so that is why I asked. Here is Canon USA:

I see you have already uninstalled / reinstalled and still have issue.
Is this a case where it once worked, but now does not, or it just simply never worked ? Two things come to mind.
1 - Windows update (Vista in particular) in their infinite wisdom has the bad habit of overlaying drivers they "think" should be installed. If the scanner worked previously, but stopped working, that could be the reason.

2 - Some hardware (HP in particular) state, that prior to re-installation to uninstall all device drivers, prior to any reinstallation attempt, so a problem does not occur. This link is from Canon Ireland, but may be worth a read.

Hope some of this helps you out !