Question Canon Pixma 3620 ejects a blank sheet after every print job ?

Mar 24, 2022
My Canon Pixma 3620 ejects a blank sheet after every print job.
My operating system is the latest version of Linux Mint.
My printer is connected to my laptop by a USB cable.

Does anyone else experienced this? If yes, is there a way to stop it?

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Most likely a "separator page".

Many printers use a blank page or even (configuration settings permitting) some sort of print job labling on the page.

Labeling being = user, time, date, print job, etc. via default values or user entered information.

Hopefully there is a setting via the printer's configuration menus that will enable or disable the separator page option.

This printer?

Look through the printer's admin menus for the option. The separator function may be labeled in some other manner. If there is any sort of configuration report printable by the printer then the report may provide or otherwise show the option and current configuration.

Unfortunately, to my mind, the online manuals are cumbersome to work through....

And any given feature/function can be both "buried" and "confusing".

Another potential lead: series/1.0/EN/PPG/dg-c_basic.html

Also: some apps may have similar function/feature that generates an extra page.

And Microsoft gets into the act as well:

Summary: Very likely a separator page. Who is generating the page needs to be discovered and reconfigured to not do so.