Question Canon Printers Not Recognizing Ink Cartridges


Jul 26, 2015
My wife uses Canon printers in her business and tonight she had two printers suddenly stop working when she tried to replace an ink cartridge.

The printers are a 8720 and a 6820. She's using non-Canon ink cartridges (because Canon gouges you so badly on ink) and she's never had a problem. Tonight, the 8720, after swapping the yellow ink, started saying that the the printer didn't recognize the ink. She moved to her 6820 and put new ink in that (it had been idle for a bit) and it was giving the same error.

I looked all over the net for a solution and tried the "remove the cartridges, pull out the power cord, replace the power cord, replace the cartridges method". No luck. I tried holding the "Stop / Reset" button for 5 seconds and the holding the "off" button for 7-10 seconds. No dice. No matter what we do, it will not recognize the cartridges she has been using for years.

Can someone assist?




Gut feel the cartridges she's been using for years have changed, the one she took out, does that still work (recognised but empty)? If it does then you need a new source, or original cartridges, or a new printer, total cost of ownership is king... But the cost of the printer is heavily subsidised by the cartridges, it's the model.

You can't really believe that this costs maybe £10 to make? BOM + Assembly? And I say £10, as some of the £29 will taken up with resellers margin (£5?), canon's actual profit (£5?), the cartridges (£5?), shipping, and then add in all of the other costs, R&D + Warranty + cost of capital. The printers are cheap so that the actual cost of the printer is spread out over several cartridge purchases.

Personally I've gone refillable, saved loads as a result, I was finding most of the ink was being taken up on cleaning cycles, these guys do a good system.
Printer makers want you to use their ink; that is where they make their money.
To that end, they try to detect non OEM ink cartridges and refuse to load.
Perhaps your printer has had a firmware update unknown to you that enables this checking.
Or, the new ink has not successfully bypassed this checking.

What to do?
You can complain to the cartridge maker that their ink is not compatible.
You can try the refill route with cartridges that do work.
you can buy canon oem ink.