Canon region lock change/removal for MB-5XXX printers and PGI-2XXX toner cartridges

Jan 26, 2019
I need a ton of help from someone who knows Canon printers.

I have a Maxify-series printer.

I have the Asia model MB5170, which in Europe is called the MB5150.

The 5170 uses PGI-2700 series cartridges
The 5150 uses PGI-2500 series cartridges, which is a ton cheaper.

However, because Canon region-locks their ink cartridges, I can't use the PGI-2500 series cartridges my MB5170 without some tampering (which I haven't attempted at all yet)

1) Would anybody know how I can change the region through service mode?

2) If I blind-swap (turn the printer off and install the new cartridge without the printer knowing) and start the printer, would it continue as normal or would it recognise what I did?

3) There was a link somewhere about changing the chip on the cartridge. The cartridges have two chips (one on the side, and one on the front). Should I even attempt this?

I tried this link ( but it appears to be for older models as my printer only has one (power) light and has a screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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