Canon S520 - "How does it print for Glossy Photo's


Jul 2, 2002
Hi All,

I have a epson 660 and I'm thinking of getting a Canon S520 (big reason is because the non-chipped, over priced Epson cartridges) and I don't like Lexmark or HP... BUT is the Canon S520 a good photo printer or should I stay with a Epson???

I read the Epson C60 and C80 are 2 very high cost printers, they use more ink than past printers from Epson... don't get it..!

Thanks for your help!


Jul 2, 2002
I had an Epson BJC600 photo printer for 5 years, it was a great thing and no joke I must have printed 1000's of photo's, documents and presentations with it, in the last few months it has been falling to bits in ways so it was time to put it out to pasture.
I am now the proud owner of a Canon S900 :smile: , this thing absolutly rocks, no more CPU hogging printing and it has improved the photo image on closer inspection of the print resolutions, it is also a fair bit quicker.
The Epson was getting expensive to replace ink tanks and even the aftermarket refills were a joke.

I originally walked into the store to buy the Canon S520 or a S750, if you can afford the bigger models you will be better off, from what I know/heard/read the S750 is the one too have as its economy/price on inks and speed is second to none, as far as I know the S750 is an update of sorts of the S520...dunno. I bought the S900 cos the salesman didn't like his arm twisted and the ear full of techno garble that was baffling him, so to get me out of the store before he lost face and tears he gave it too me at cost. But really I am a nice guy, really... :wink:

Yes I have read the new epsons are expensive on inks, otherwise I would have stayed with them.

Well on my recent experience you can't really go wrong with the Canon if it is anything like my S900! :wink:

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