Canon TS9120 WiFi printing slow to start job.


Dec 12, 2011
I have a new Canon TS9120 printer & I have an issue with 2 of the three PCs that are on my WiFi network. The printer is connected only via WiFi & all PCs see it. Signal strength is good. I installed the printer thru Control Panel "Add Printer" & that went fine. Device Manager IDs it as TS9100 Series. When I sent a test page to the printer I get an almost immediate "Printer not responding error on the PC & the print queue shows "Printing". Every time it takes exactly 4 minutes for the printer screen to show "Processing" & the job to start printing. My other laptop does not have the same problem, it prints immediately with no errors. All OS on PCs are Windows 10 1803 & same build. WiFi router is NetGear Nighthawk. Printer is connected on 2.4 GHz channel. The 4 minute thing has to be a big clue for where I should start looking.


Did you assign a static IP address to the TS9120 printer?

I.e., a static IP address that is outside of the DHCP IP address range allowed to the router?

And did you reserve that static IP address on the router via the TS9120's MAC?

That said, there are some things you can do to delve deeper:

Use Task Manager to watch what happens when the successful PC connects and prints? Open Task Manager, slide the window to one side, do a test page print.

Resource Monitor may likewise help via the Network tab.

Then do the same on the other two unsuccessful PCs and compare the results: successful vs unsuccessful.

See if all PCs have the same printer driver's installed and with identical configurations.

Maybe swap the locations of the successful pc with an unsuccess pc. May reveal some clue.


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