Question Can't access BIOS anymore

Oct 13, 2019

I have been upgrading the old ultrabook (Samsung 530 U3C) from my girlfriend with an SSD. I re-installed Windows 10. Everything works fine but, I have two issues now:

1. I can't access the BIOS anymore. During startup I keep pressing "F2" but Windows starts almost immediately. Last time I checked, "Fast Boot" was disabled. Is it possible that the SSD is "too" fast so that Windows starts too quickly and the system doesn't wait for my keyboard input? What can I do to access the BIOS? (Old school BIOS, no UEFI).

2. After a cold start I get a black screen and nothing happens for about 5 seconds. After that, the laptop shuts down shorty and reboots automatically and everything starts just fine and quickly. This behaviour can't be observed after restarting from Windows.

It might be important to consider that this laptop has an "Express Cache" soldered onto the mainboard. This was a small flash based drive with a size of 24GB. It was intended that the OS could be installed here before SSDs became common. This is now useless, so I deleted every partition on this drive before installing Windows 10 on the SSD. Unfortunately, the Express Cache can't be deactivated entirely in the BIOS.

Thanks for any help!
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