Question Can't access BIOS with PS/2 or USB keyboard

May 14, 2020
Hello all! My partner's computer froze while trying to shut down last night (Windows 10) and today it won't boot to the OS. For a bit, it just flat-out wouldn't start up at all, but after reseating a few components (beeps suggested video error, which seemed to be right), I've got it booting to the motherboard's startup screen.

Unfortunately, it won't go to the OS from there, and it won't let me open BIOS or the boot menu—I've tried a wired USB keyboard in front and back ports, as well as a PS/2. The keyboards turn on, and I can turn numlock on and off, but none of the keys to access menus work (delete for BIOS, F12 for boot menu, etc). Motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3P (rev. 2.0) that I bought back in 2014, originally for my own computer—I was hoping it would have a dedicated BIOS button on the board, but I haven't found it if it's there.

Any idea where to go from here? Their summer classes start up next week and I'd like to have this fixed before then so they don't have to use my old 2012 MacBook Pro, since that's the only spare computer we've got at this point and I know they're going to hate using it (built-in keyboard is totally busted [thanks Apple!] and using a keyboard with a laptop is so annoying, plus they're just used to Windows). Can't afford to replace the motherboard, so I'm hoping one of you lovely people can give me a solution that isn't "replace it."

It's possible I just need to reseat a couple other things, but I can't imagine what, and I couldn't see anything while I was taking a look that I haven't already fixed (the 4-pin part of the 20+4-pin cable was unplugged, so I'm hoping the mobo didn't just get totally borked from that; removed, cleaned, and reseated the GPU; removed & reseated the RAM). I also imagine the HDD's got some manner of issue given it won't boot (checked the connections and it seems fine but I dunno, maybe I'll double check them) but that's a separate issue that'll probably be easier to fix on my own—I've got an old Knoppix CD somewhere that I might try if I ultimately can't get into BIOS at all, but that's likely still packed up from our last move, and I've got no idea where.
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