Cant access bios with usb keyboard


Feb 26, 2012
Hi, I am working on a friends, Dell Inspiron 531, put in new dvd burner, but it isnt recognized,
I go to my computer , it doesnt show up, but it does have power.
So i want to go into bios to see if anything there, but it only has usb ports, for the keyboard,
and it isnt powered on at the point where i need to press f2 to get to bios.
So i need a way around this to get to bios,
Thanks if anyone has a solution.


Sometimes your motherboard may have a jumper that'll get you directly into the BIOS, and don't know if a reset will do anything if you want to reset the BIOS, there's usually a jumper on your motherboard that you can use when the PC is off and unplugged.

Does the new device show up in disk management with a drive assigned, etc ?