Can't access internet camera from outside source.


Feb 20, 2012
I'm at my wits end! I have had this D-Link camera a few years and have used it to monitor a foaling stall for horses. In the past, I could access it's site on any computer including my own, of course and also it had an option that I could just monitor through the cat5 wire on my PC directly and not go through the internet. Since then, my computer crashed and I bought a new wireless router.

Now everything is different. I know the camera is older but it still works. I got it up and running, downloaded the software it came with again. I didn't initially set the thing up, so not sure if info was added or what went on there but all I can do now is access the camera via the internet from my own computer in my house. I can't get to it from any other PC, no matter if I try a link to the site or type in various ways to get the the address. I suppose the settings or my router is blocking access. I don't know what to do. I have tried everything, to the point where I am not sure what I have done anymore! I am not into this stuff and I sure need that camera access from my work PC so I can monitor my mare soon to foal.

I have a Cisco Linksys E2000 router and it has all kinds of admin options available to change. Don't know what I'm doing and have spent hours reading and trying new things with no results.