Question Can't access SSD, but tests say it's healthy and performing fine?

Mar 15, 2020
SSD: Samsung Evo 830 120GB

Windows stopped working on it recently so I had to install it on a new HDD, which is being used now. I still have the SSD connected to the m/b, and it appears in the file system, but it says "Access is denied".

  • Permissions are all set to full access
  • All tests and readings shows it working fine and the health being fine
  • I tried different SATA cables and ports, took some other drives out, all which made no difference
What else could I try before I try wiping it? I would like to get my files back.

I just repaired my Mother In law's External storage device that I noticed had the same issue. I believed it was corruption and she did say she unplugged it while it was transferring.
What I have noticed is that the data just doesn't show up as it's no longer able to read the file structure. If the drive shows up in File Explorer but no data is present then you'll need to use a File Recovery program to get the files back. It's pretty messy, the files will be there but the structure is gone so it's just a dump of all the files. It really just depends how bad the corruption is though.

How long have you had the drive?
Any power issues lately?