Can't boot after RAM upgrade, have I missed something?


Nov 24, 2007
Hi everyone

I have a PC with an Intel D865GLC mobo.

I checked compatibility with Kingston here:

I bought 2 sticks of PC3200 DDR 1GB RAM (KVR400)

I removed the existing sticks and put the new sticks into the same slots. That's one each in DIMM 0 Channel A and DIMM 0 Channel B.

The PC now won't boot, sometimes it won't get past POST, sometimes Windows stops with a bluescreen or a warning about a file version check on boot (it's Vista Home Premium but I don't think it's relevant as POST isn't reliable).

I tried using each stick on it's own in DIMM 0 Channel A and have the same problem.

Is it likely that both sticks are no good? Have I missed something? Am I being stupid?

Thanks for any ideas, help, advice.


I would get into the bios, and see if you can adjust the timings manually. These are what I use with my pc3200:

Cas: 2.5
Ras to Cas delay 3 clocks
Ras Precharge 3 clocks
Cycle time (tras) 6 clocks
Bank cycle time (Trc) 10 clocks
Command Rate 2T

I leave the voltage at the default setting. Your board may only have some of these adjustments. Locate the cmos jumper if you need to reset the bios due to a no post situation. If you get to windows, you can try running memtest, a free download. You should run it for at least one hour, with no errors.