Question Can't boot windows at all, completely stuck

Nov 23, 2021
A few days ago, my PC was up and running, casually watching twitch and nothing else. My PC then completely froze up, all audio went silent, there was no response to mouse movement, and the keyboard couldn't do anything. I manually powered down my PC using the power button. After attempting to launch my PC, it is able to get into BIOS every time without any problems, but after exiting BIOS, my PC freezes. My PC freezing after exiting BIOS is a 100% occurrences as of now (after at least 50 reboots), it has NEVER made it past that point. The exact spot it freezes is right before windows launches and goes to the password screen. It freezes while those little white dots spin in a circle after exiting BIOS.

Things I have already tried:

1.) I have attempted to boot with both my primary C: drive (an SSD), and my secondary drive (a hard drive), and both freeze at the exact same spot every single boot.
2.) I have tried booting from each drive with the other removed from my PC, and they continue to freeze at the exact same spot.
3.) I've also attempted to put Windows 10 creation media on a flash drive and boot from that, and it freezes at the exact same spot. I've also messed with CSM settings, UEFI settings, Fast Boot settings, all to seemingly no avail.
4.) I've tried booting from the windows 10 usb with both drives installed, only one drive installed, and neither drive installed. and the PC continues to freeze at the exact same spot, right before Windows launches.
5.) I have also tried booting without my graphics card installed and my PC freezes at the exact same spot. I cannot boot from my SSD, my Hard Drive, or the Windows 10 installation USB when my Graphics Card is uninstalled.
6.) I've also reseated my RAM and reinstalled my Drives and my PC continues to freeze in the exact same spot.
7.) My BIOS recognizes all RAM, CPU, all drives. My CPU temp hovers between 28 and 36 degrees Celsius. My motherboard temps are mostly the same.

I'm thinking that it might have something to do with the CPU? But if my CPU is garbage now should I be able to boot into the BIOS every time without fail? But I literally can't boot into anything else and I've essentially removed everything but the CPU at this point.

Now I'm asking anyone on this site for what my next steps should be in remedying this issue. Here are my specs

Mobo: TUF B360M-PLUS GAMING S Bios Version .0401
CPU: Intel i5-8400 2.80Ghz
Graphics Card: Zotac GeForce RTX 2060
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX
SSD: Samsung 970 EVO 500gb
HDD: wd10ezex 1tb


Feb 24, 2016
I recommend thinking outside of the windows box. If you have access to another computer, download a linux distro (e.g. Linux Mint Mate) and create a bootable usb from the .iso file (e.g. Rufus). See if you can boot with that and at least verify that all of your hardware other than the drives is still totally functional. If so than windows may have screwed up your ssd and hdd to the point where you have to try and recover as many files as you can from them and then delete the old partitions and start with fresh installs. Personally I prefer my computers with Fast Boot turned OFF. The way microsoft is going we always need to have UEFI Enabled in its default mode and there should be NO CSM settings, it should be disabled.

(Please excuse, but this is part of my advocacy that every windows user should always have a standby linux usb handy to boot whenever windows gets cranky and won't cooperate).
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