Question Can't boot with XMP profile enabled since upgrading CPU ?

Jun 6, 2023
hi, can someone help me to solve why my PC doesn't want to boot successfully with XMP profile enabled ?

Recently I installed a new Core i5-11400F CPU on my MSI B560M PRO motherboard .
Also i got couple of brand new Apacer NOX RGB 32Gb RAMs and installed them with no issues, but when i go to bios setting, the default ram speed is 2133mhz instead of 3200mhz.

I thought probably I need to turn on the XMP profile to 3200mhz, but when i enabled the profile and saved it, my PC screen went blank with no display.
I also noticed on the EZ debug it stuck on RAM LED ?

So my question is, do i need to update my BIOS ?