Question Can't browse but I can still download torrents. Why?

Dec 26, 2020
There is an open wifi network signal near me. When I connect to it, my browser opens asking for my phone number. I can use internet (1GB LIMIT) if I fill in the details but if I don't do so and close the the browser without entering my phone number, my torrents still download with speeds upto 15 Mbps without any sort of data restriction. I can download as much as I want.

What is the reason behind this? Also, is there any way for me to browse too even when I don't enter my number?


Sounds like a lazy sysadmin. They blocked port 80/443 for web browsing if you do not provide your information, but the never bothered with connections via the ports used by UTorrent. And no. There's no way around browsing without providing information.

-Wolf sends
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Someone not too bright security wise. They for some reason think all traffic is web based. You likely could play many online games also and maybe even download huge files from steam.

I will go as far as saying if you try hard enough you could get web browsing to work but actually telling you how is getting into the hacking area which is not really a valid topic.
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