Question Can't change core voltage when oc

Nov 7, 2021
I have an i5 8600k Z370 MSI PC-PRO and I am trying to put it at 4.8ghz since at 4.9 it is not very stable and not very good for overclocking, it turns out that I entered the OCCT and I saw that in 4.9 it had problems with the core 5,I decided to change it to 4.8 but to my surprise at some point the core voltage stopped at 1.15 and 1.2 and although I changed anything in the BIOS it does not change, I have the latest BIOS version And remove the battery from the board to reset it, including putting ALL CORES 48 on and letting the board decide what voltages to put on AUTO, but it still stays at 1.15 idle 1.2 on load, I don't understand Absolutely nothing, I have only been able to change it by touching the LLC and putting the voltage to 1.27 and it goes up to 1.32 on load, and it seems stable (I saw that a person asked this same question with the same processor and board but they told him that he had to see another sensor that was not the VID or something like that but no, even if I was looking at the wrong parameters, I would have to get the stable overclock, so it's something weirder